Benefits of PurchasingPoint®

PurchasingPoint® is an exclusive discount program for nonprofits that leverages group buying power to get access to significant savings from your everyday vendors.

With PurchasingPoint®

Pricing is based on the combined volume of all members.

With PurchasingPoint

Without PurchasingPoint®

Pricing may vary for each buyer and is usually higher.

Without PurchasingPoint

How PurchasingPoint® works

Three steps to get lower prices

1. Register your organization

Start by creating an account and reviewing the terms and conditions of the program.

Organizations joining PurchasingPoint® must:

  • Be an eligible member of a participating network or partner
  • Be a registered 501(c) nonprofit
  • Not be enrolled with another group purchasing organization
  • Not accept Medicare or Medicaid*

Register    View terms and conditions

*More information if you accept Medicare or Medicaid

If your organization is already registered you can sign up as a user for your facility by clicking on the register button.


2. Find and connect with vendors

200+ unique vendors offering average aggregate savings of 30% annually.

Enrollment processes and times vary and are clearly detailed on vendor profiles.

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3. Purchase at discounted prices

Business as usual from your favorite vendors.

Continue purchasing directly from your vendors like normal. Products and services are not purchased directly through the PurchasingPoint® portal. Contact and ordering information for each vendor is available on their profiles.