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About Heritage

Heritage has always understood the need for quality products in the healthcare industry. Their bags are designed to meet the healthcare market demands through strict manufacturing requirements. Where required, Heritage healthcare bags meet federal and state regulations for tear resistance of 480 grams and impact resistance of 165 grams.
They offer: Red, Yellow and Blue Liners, Specimen Transport Bags, Chemotherapy Bags, Autoclave Bags, made from the highest quality raw materials. The bags resist puncture, leaking and abrasion failure. Heritage bags are printed in English and Spanish, are tested for load capacity and seal integrity for easy dispensing, and safe for incineration.

We want future generations to experience the same clean and healthy world we experience today. Through research and advanced technology, we have developed products and manufacturing practices that help achieve a more sustainable environment through source reduction, while still providing future generations with the same benefits we enjoy from plastic bag usage.

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